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Boudoir Photo Inspiration : High-End Fashion Pin Up

Inspiration…. from VANITY FAIR!

I fell in love with these pin-up photos from Vanity Fair and had to share.  Boudoir photography is taking the high-end fashion and celebrity world by storm.  


vanity fair pin up





boudoir photography vanity fair pin up 2

(Photos by Vanity Fair)




Here are some of my favorite places to send clients to for pin-up boudoir lingerie and dresses-


Dallas Boudoir Hotel Marathon – The Ultimate in Luxury

Those who signed up for the newsletter at the Dallas Bridal Show received this big announcement over the weekend, and have already started booking!  If you want to be the first to know about upcoming marathons, and have a chance to enter contests and giveaways only available to subscribers, then be sure to sign up for the newsletter on the menu bar above!

When I decided to separate boudoir photography from my portrait and wedding business, I knew that Allure Boudoir had to be the best, which means only offering the best of everything.  Allure Boudoir hotel marathons are no exception!  Ladies, you deserve to be pampered.  Boudoir photo shoots aren’t just about giving an unforgettable gift, it should be an amazing day for you to feel like a supermodel!

I present to you the ultimate in Boudoir Marathons, it’s classy, lavish, and properly known as : Luxury Boudoir Hotel Marathons by Allure Boudoir!




dallas boudoir photography MARATHON

boudoir photography hotel marathon update sold out



For more pricing info you can also visit HERE.

Don’t wait to reserve your luxury boudoir photo shoot!  Winter holidays, and even Valentine’s will be here before you know it!



Paris Boudoir Photography : The 15 Minute Photo Shoot

What can you do in 15 minutes?  Certainly not shoot a boudoir photography session, that would just be impossible, crazy even!

Usually 15 minutes isn’t even enough time for me to fold a load of laundry, I’m not even sure I unload and reload the dishwasher in under 15 minutes.  It’s pretty obvious I must have tomorrows to-do list on my mind.  Wait, I need to add “clean desk area” to my list… ok, done.  Now, back to boudoir photos, yeah that’s what I was talking about!

Of course I prefer more than 15 minutes with my boudoir clients (or any client for that matter), but 15 minutes is all I had with Miss “M” while I was in Paris earlier this year.  So with the imaginary sound of an egg timer ticking down in my head I stepped into the room, and Miss “M” and I worked it out.  The challenge was certainly fun, but for the time being I hope this is the shortest boudoir photo shoot I ever have to do!

Let me also add that Miss “M” is from Italy and lives in Paris, I speak no Italian and my French is limited to words like “cheese”, “my name is”, and a few nursery rhymes my mother use to sing to me in French.  So with her basic English and my *amazing French, I’d say we did a pretty darn good job of communicating to get these great boudoir photos in exactly 900 seconds…..

Boudoir Photography, Paris France, Hotel Marathon, by Sheila Hannus

Boudoir Photography, Paris France, Hotel Marathon, by Sheila Hannus

Boudoir Photography, Paris France, Hotel Marathon, by Sheila Hannus

PS.  This is only a sample of my favorite images of Miss “M”!  Ladies just imagine what we can do with 16 MINUTES!  Haha, ok, how about 90 minutes.

PPS. Check the portrait/wedding blog HERE!

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Allure Boudoir Photography : Get Ready for Big News!

Boudoir Photography news, Allure Boudoir website launch, boudoir photography photo shoots…. I’m so excited about it I just want to share it all now, but, you’ll have to come back and read about it.

Remember, that’s just this blog, don’t forget to get your updates at the portrait and wedding blog HERE!

And what’s a boudoir photography blog without some actual boudoir photos….. a sneak peek of what’s to come-

Boudoir Photography, Allure Boudoir photo, Paris

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Dallas Bridal Show Loves Boudoir!

Wow!  I am sure there are far more descriptive and eloquent words to convey this past week but this is the one I’ve been repeating all week… WOW!

Last weekend was the Dallas Bridal Show, down at Dallas Market Hall, and I had the distinct pleasure of showing off the newest addition to Sheila Hannus Photography, Allure Boudoir.  Not only did I get to share my chic boudoir business with Dallas’s brides-to-be but I had the honor of being the FIRST & ONLY boudoir photography booth at the Dallas Bridal Show.

All the goals I had mentally set for myself were surpassed and exceeded, and since the show I have been quite busy.  Thank you so much to the ladies (and their fiances) for stopping by the booth, looking through the albums, asking questions, and flooding my email inbox with your boudoir shoot requests!  Also, thank you to everyone who signed up for the raffle, the grand total of entries was 853.  No, I did not just miss type that, there were EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE raffle entries.  Again, wow!

In fact, there were so many raffle entries I decided to draw FOUR winners, two grand prize and two runners-up.  The email notifications to the winners went out Friday evening and Saturday morning.  So far I’ve only received confirmation from one lucky lady.  So, if you entered the raffle, be sure you are checking your inboxes (and SPAM folders), because you just may be a winner!


Here are some pictures from the show, and I would have liked to had some more but I truly didn’t anticipate being so busy that I wouldn’t have time to snap some detail shots…




Thankfully I grabbed two shots on set-up day (yes, I take pictures while setting up to have different visual perspectives.  yes, I’m a photo nerd), and got one detail shot right before the booth break down.




These two beautiful ladies, Kristen & Charlotte, along with Susie (not pictured), were my guru assistants for the weekend.  They truly rocked.  I can’t say thank you enough to all of you!




Here is a quick snap my mom grabbed when she stopped by the booth on Saturday.  I think this sums up the weekend pretty well…




Thank you again to EVERYONE who made the Allure Boudoir bridal show booth awesome, including all the fabulous future brides who came by!


Paris Fashion Boudoir : Isabel

This post is a great example of something new I am working into my boudoir advertising, “Fashion Boudoir”.  This will be offered in the top boudoir package and available as an add on to any other package.  Leaving your clothes on has never been sexier!


Here is Isabel in her Fashion Boudoir session shooting in the Paris Metro.  Enjoy!




























Paris Boudoir : Isabel

Back at the beginning of April I took an incredible, photographer-inspiring, boudoir-filled, trip to Paris.  Many thanks to Marissa Boucher & Kimberlee West, of The Boudoir Divas.  You girls sure know how to organize the ultimate boudoir photographer’s party!

First up is Isabel, she’s from the states but currently living in Paris.  We spent the afternoon in a hip Parisian flat using the fabulous decor as our backdrop.  I had a seriously difficult time narrowing down photos to share on the blog, and this is still about twice as many as I usually post!



































I feel the need to say that she is not posing in these, this is just how good she looks taking a coffee break!


























Interested in your own boudoir shoot in Paris, or another destination city, such as Las Vegas, London, or Barcelona?  Email me for all the great information on “The Destination Boudoir Experience”.

Techatticup : est. 1861

Techatticup?  Thankfully I’m able to type this post, because I’m afraid you may stop following my blog if you had to listen to me struggling to pronounce that word.  I may not be able to say Techatticup with ease but I had no difficulty shooting it!  Of course, having the georgous Jessie as the main subject was not so shabby either.

This gem of a location is nesstled right on the edge of Nelson, Nevada, a tiny unsuspecting town about an hour from Vegas and about two minutes before the border of nowhere.  It really was a photographers heaven, I could have spent a week shooting the great old treasures scattered about, it gave a whole new meaning to desert oasis!

This shoot had a bit of everything- fashion, boudoir… and would make an awesome (and one of kind) spot for senior portraits.




























The blog post about not blogging.

Oh dear, I won’t say how long it’s been, although you can scroll down and see the sad truth for yourself, but it has been a dismally long time since my last post.  So where did I disappear to?  I’ve taken some time off, and as nice as a little rest is I can’t explain how much I missed shooting!  So, it’s time to get back to what I love- pictures, blogs, and photo shoots!

You may notice you’re looking at my BRAND NEW BLOG (if not, you should work on your observation skills)!  Things aren’t perfect quite yet, but I can be pretty picky so I’m sure it will be awhile before they are.  I had so many great new ideas, branding, and website plans that got put on hold that I decided this new blog could be just the thing I need to get things started again.

With all things undergoing construction there are bound to be some kinks.  One of the major ones is the unsuccessful integration of my old blog posts on the new blog.  Well, the posts are technically here, but the images are not.  So until that is all worked out you can always see all the old entries at the old blogspot. (You can find the link above in the menu)

Please note the new URL – !!  And don’t forget to subscribe!


In the coming days I have lots of amazing images to share!  One more post from Nevada and then tons of great images from Paris, I really can’t wait to share those!

Here is Valen one more time, when we were done with her boudoir session she had about 15 minutes before she had to leave, so naturally we had an impromptu outdoor shoot…








Boudoir Beauty : Valen

Vegas Recap : Day 6, Part 1

Thursday started with a morning boudoir shoot with the absolutely stunning Valen.

I think it’s really important to point out that although Valen is a model, this was her first boudoir session! It can be really nerve racking for us women (model or not) to put ourselves out there. Trust me ladies, having a boudoir session is empowering and an amazing experience. Plus, I like to play some great dance music and just have a good time, stress free, being goofy… always leading to intimate, sexy, playful pictures of you. Send me an email and set up your shoot today!

You may give the pictures to him, but do it for you.

A boudoir session is a great gift to give to the woman in your life! Spoil her with a spa day, professional hair and make-up, leading up to a boudoir shoot with me to make her feel truly beautiful and sexy. The best part, you get the pictures afterwards! Email me for all the details.

**Boudoir images are elegant and classy expressions of a womans beauty. All pictures are posted with permission.**.


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