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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Boudoir Beauty : Valen

Vegas Recap : Day 6, Part 1 Thursday started with a morning boudoir shoot with the absolutely stunning Valen. LISTEN UP GIRLS : I think it’s really important to point out that although Valen is a model, this was her first boudoir session! It can be really nerve racking for us women (model or not) […]

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Theme of the Day – Sweets

  Vegas Recap : Day 5 Wednesday was a nice slow, low shooting day and went a little like this – Cinnamon Rolls (thanks Maya & Pat!) Stroll through the last day of the tradeshow Yumminess at P.F. Changs with Cailyn, and Chris & Allie Some free style dancing in Urban Outfitters Penny slots at […]

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Las Vegas Neon Boneyard : Part 4

  Vegas Recap : Day 4, Part 4 I’ve somehow managed to make the day 4 recap last almost two weeks… now, if I could only use that ability outside of blog world and slow down time, that would be impressive. This is Shannon, and I LOVED her make-up! I had a blast shooting and […]

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Las Vegas Neon Boneyard : Part 3

  Vegas Recap : Day 4, Part 3 Introducing Tabatha and Ben….   Full Image Post on old blog (*TO VIEW THE IMAGES PLEASE VISIT MY OLD BLOG AT     …look out for the last Boneyard post coming in the next two days! .

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Video From Red Rock Shoot

Dale Benfield put together this video of all us [b] schoolers when we got together in Vegas out near Red Rock. Thanks Dale for doing that, sometimes I get so caught up in shooting the “subject” I forget about everything around me really being the subject. I realized two things from watching this video. First, […]

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Las Vegas Neon Boneyard : Part 2

  Vegas Recap : Day 4, Part 2 Here is a sample of Jessie’s bridal shoot at the Boneyard… I’m keeping this post a little lighter because you’ll be seeing much more of Jessie next week when I post her shoot from a couple days after this one out in Nelson, Nevada, and trust me […]

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Las Vegas Neon Boneyard : Part 1

  Vegas Recap : Day 4 By far the highlight for Tuesday was shooting at the Las Vegas Neon Boneyard! A large group of [b] schoolers got together in the afternoon and soaked in the radtastic historic neon signs that once adorned the Vegas strip. The boneyard is split into two seperate lots, both full […]

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Working Girl to Rockstar

Vegas Recap : Day 3 In general when you go on vacation you remember to pack your camera, and when on a business trip you remember laptops, important papers, or whatever it is that is relevant to work, right? Apparently when I go on a trip that is a business vacation I get a little […]

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The Last of Red Rock

Vegas Recap : Day 2, Part 2 Ok, so I should clarify that our Sunday shoot was on the way to Red Rock, but not quite there. Our caravan of photographers headed out a little late in the day, so in order to catch the fading light we pulled off on the side of the […]

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