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Category Archives: Just Because

Techatticup : est. 1861

Techatticup?  Thankfully I’m able to type this post, because I’m afraid you may stop following my blog if you had to listen to me struggling to pronounce that word.  I may not be able to say Techatticup with ease but I had no difficulty shooting it!  Of course, having the georgous Jessie as the main […]

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The blog post about not blogging.

Oh dear, I won’t say how long it’s been, although you can scroll down and see the sad truth for yourself, but it has been a dismally long time since my last post.  So where did I disappear to?  I’ve taken some time off, and as nice as a little rest is I can’t explain how much […]

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Theme of the Day – Sweets

  Vegas Recap : Day 5 Wednesday was a nice slow, low shooting day and went a little like this – Cinnamon Rolls (thanks Maya & Pat!) Stroll through the last day of the tradeshow Yumminess at P.F. Changs with Cailyn, and Chris & Allie Some free style dancing in Urban Outfitters Penny slots at […]

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Video From Red Rock Shoot

Dale Benfield put together this video of all us [b] schoolers when we got together in Vegas out near Red Rock. Thanks Dale for doing that, sometimes I get so caught up in shooting the “subject” I forget about everything around me really being the subject. I realized two things from watching this video. First, […]

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Working Girl to Rockstar

Vegas Recap : Day 3 In general when you go on vacation you remember to pack your camera, and when on a business trip you remember laptops, important papers, or whatever it is that is relevant to work, right? Apparently when I go on a trip that is a business vacation I get a little […]

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I’m such a fibber.

I’m a little dissapointed I made a promise I didn’t keep. I said I would be updating while in Vegas and didn’t follow through. To my credit however, I kept pretty busy shooting and soaking in knowledge (ok, and having a bit of fun), so in my down time I tried to relax a bit. […]

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Yes, I do realize we are almost two weeks into the new year, but I am just now letting go of the holiday cheer. This Christmas was the first in my almost twenty four years of life I spent without being with either my mom or dad. *Insert mental image of me very sad here* […]

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