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Category Archives: Personal

Allure Boudoir Photography : Get Ready for Big News!

Boudoir Photography blogs for the next 7 days…

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Dallas Bridal Show Loves Boudoir!

Wow!  I am sure there are far more descriptive and eloquent words to convey this past week but this is the one I’ve been repeating all week… WOW! Last weekend was the Dallas Bridal Show, down at Dallas Market Hall, and I had the distinct pleasure of showing off the newest addition to Sheila Hannus […]

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The blog post about not blogging.

Oh dear, I won’t say how long it’s been, although you can scroll down and see the sad truth for yourself, but it has been a dismally long time since my last post.  So where did I disappear to?  I’ve taken some time off, and as nice as a little rest is I can’t explain how much […]

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Video From Red Rock Shoot

Dale Benfield put together this video of all us [b] schoolers when we got together in Vegas out near Red Rock. Thanks Dale for doing that, sometimes I get so caught up in shooting the “subject” I forget about everything around me really being the subject. I realized two things from watching this video. First, […]

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Working Girl to Rockstar

Vegas Recap : Day 3 In general when you go on vacation you remember to pack your camera, and when on a business trip you remember laptops, important papers, or whatever it is that is relevant to work, right? Apparently when I go on a trip that is a business vacation I get a little […]

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I’m such a fibber.

I’m a little dissapointed I made a promise I didn’t keep. I said I would be updating while in Vegas and didn’t follow through. To my credit however, I kept pretty busy shooting and soaking in knowledge (ok, and having a bit of fun), so in my down time I tried to relax a bit. […]

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Yes, I do realize we are almost two weeks into the new year, but I am just now letting go of the holiday cheer. This Christmas was the first in my almost twenty four years of life I spent without being with either my mom or dad. *Insert mental image of me very sad here* […]

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