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Tag Archives: Photography

Boudoir Photo Inspiration : High-End Fashion Pin Up

Inspiration…. from VANITY FAIR!
I fell in love with these pin-up photos from Vanity Fair and had to share.  Boudoir photography is taking the high-end fashion and celebrity world by storm.  


(Photos by Vanity Fair)
Here are some of my favorite places to send clients to for pin-up boudoir lingerie and dresses-

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Allure Boudoir Photography : Get Ready for Big News!

Boudoir Photography blogs for the next 7 days…

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Dallas Bridal Show Loves Boudoir!

Wow!  I am sure there are far more descriptive and eloquent words to convey this past week but this is the one I’ve been repeating all week… WOW!
Last weekend was the Dallas Bridal Show, down at Dallas Market Hall, and I had the distinct pleasure of showing off the newest addition to Sheila Hannus Photography,...

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Paris Fashion Boudoir : Isabel

This post is a great example of something new I am working into my boudoir advertising, “Fashion Boudoir”.  This will be offered in the top boudoir package and available as an add on to any other package.  Leaving your clothes on has never been sexier!
Here is Isabel in her Fashion Boudoir session shooting in the...

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Paris Boudoir : Isabel

Back at the beginning of April I took an incredible, photographer-inspiring, boudoir-filled, trip to Paris.  Many thanks to Marissa Boucher & Kimberlee West, of The Boudoir Divas.  You girls sure know how to organize the ultimate boudoir photographer’s party!
First up is Isabel, she’s from the states but currently living in Paris.  We spent the afternoon...

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Boudoir Beauty : Valen

Vegas Recap : Day 6, Part 1
Thursday started with a morning boudoir shoot with the absolutely stunning Valen.
I think it’s really important to point out that although Valen is a model, this was her first boudoir session! It can be really nerve racking for us women (model or not) to put ourselves...

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Las Vegas Neon Boneyard : Part 4

Vegas Recap : Day 4, Part 4
I’ve somehow managed to make the day 4 recap last almost two weeks… now, if I could only use that ability outside of blog world and slow down time, that would be impressive.
This is Shannon, and I LOVED her make-up! I had a blast shooting and processing this...

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Las Vegas Neon Boneyard : Part 3

Vegas Recap : Day 4, Part 3
Introducing Tabatha and Ben….

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Las Vegas Neon Boneyard : Part 2

Vegas Recap : Day 4, Part 2
Here is a sample of Jessie’s bridal shoot at the Boneyard… I’m keeping this post a little lighter because you’ll be seeing much more of Jessie next week when I post her shoot from a couple days after this one out in Nelson, Nevada, and trust me it’s not...

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Las Vegas Neon Boneyard : Part 1

Vegas Recap : Day 4
By far the highlight for Tuesday was shooting at the Las Vegas Neon Boneyard! A large group of [b] schoolers got together in the afternoon and soaked in the radtastic historic neon signs that once adorned the Vegas strip. The boneyard is split into two seperate lots, both full...

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